Corporate Training Game

Status: In Production

In-Game Cinematic

Project Overview

Competences to be evaluated/developed in the course of the game:

• Discipline

• Team work

• Planning, organization, delegation and control

• Construction and skill in interpersonal relationships

• Problem analysis and decision-making

• Communication

• Focus on results

Graphics Overview

The adventure takes place in the ocean.

Players will be required to form teams and choose an appropriate boat for the mission.

The team will explore different islands with different challenges.

The team will have to plan the best strategy. Members will have to delegate tasks.

The islands have rich and detailed 3D graphics blended with amazing orchestral music.

The Interface

Each team will be assembled around a touch table. 3D glasses will deepen the experience at moments, but are not required.

Developed by Orbitotal for SBA Consultores Associados.